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  • Unveiling the Art of Wire-Brushed Finish: A Distinctive Texture that Transcends Time

    Unveiling the Art of Wire-Brushed Finish. The wire-brushed finish is a masterful technique that bestows hardwood flooring with a captivating texture, allowing the wood's natural grain pattern to shine while creating an enchanting weathered aesthetic. This intricate process marries craftsmanship and artistry, resulting in a surface that transcends traditional finishes and delivers a unique tactile experience. The Process: Precision in Action Preparation: The process begins with carefully selected hardwood planks. Typically, oak and hickory are favored for their pronounced grain patterns, but other woods can also be used. Wire Brushing: A wire brush machine is employed to gently scrape the wood's surface. This process removes the softer fibers of the wood, leaving behind the harder grains and accentuating the innate texture. Grain Enhancement: The wire brushing serves to emphasize the natural grain patterns of the wood. This intricate detailing adds depth and character to each plank, revealing a unique story told by the lines and grooves. Softening Edges: The edges of the planks are softly rounded during the wire brushing process. This prevents a sharp contrast between the textured center and the smooth edges, ensuring a harmonious visual. Finishing: After wire brushing, the planks undergo staining and finishing. The wire-brushed texture interacts with stains and finishes to create captivating color variations and enrich the overall aesthetic. Achieving the Aesthetic: Elegance in Weathering Textural Elegance: The wire-brushed finish doesn't solely cater to rustic tastes. While it does lend a hint of rustic charm, its true allure lies in the rich texture it imparts. The undulating grooves and tactile feel create an inviting ambiance, making it perfect for spaces seeking sophistication. Weathered Beauty: The texture resembles the patina of aged wood, evoking a sense of history and timelessness. Each brush stroke mimics the marks left by nature and time, adding depth and visual interest. Natural Interaction: The wire-brushed texture doesn't overpower the wood's innate beauty; instead, it interacts with light and shadows, creating captivating visual plays that evolve throughout the day. Versatility in Aesthetics: Despite its weathered appearance, the wire-brushed finish can seamlessly integrate into a variety of design styles. It complements contemporary, transitional, and even industrial settings, offering a touch of textural intrigue. Low Maintenance Elegance: The textured surface is adept at concealing minor wear and tear, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas. Regular cleaning and light maintenance keep its allure intact over time. Artistry in Every Step: A Floor Transformed The wire-brushed finish is more than a technique; it's an artistic endeavor that transforms hardwood flooring into a tactile masterpiece. From the precise wire brushing process that coaxes out the wood's inherent elegance to the intricate dance of color and light on its textured surface, every step contributes to an experience that transcends trends. The wire-brushed finish isn't just about achieving a rustic appearance; it's about crafting a canvas of refined texture that speaks to the senses, inviting touch and admiration in equal measure.

  • Luxury Hardwood Flooring Unveiled: Elevating Elegance Underfoot

    Luxury hardwood flooring unveiled at the pinnacle of wood flooring craftsmanship, designed to exude opulence and sophistication while delivering exceptional durability and aesthetics. This type of flooring transcends standard wood flooring through a combination of superior materials, meticulous finishing techniques, and expert installation practices, resulting in a flooring experience that is truly extraordinary. Different Finishes and Textures: Smooth Finish: A hallmark of luxury, the smooth finish is achieved through sanding and polishing, creating a sleek surface that reflects light and highlights the natural beauty of the wood grain. Wire-Brushed Finish: This texture imparts a rustic charm by removing the softer grain and enhancing the wood's natural grain pattern. It's perfect for achieving a weathered and aged appearance. Distressed Finish: Crafted to emulate the marks of time, this finish involves intentional distressing techniques, such as scraping and denting, to lend an antique, timeworn allure. Hand-Scraped Finish: True artistry lies in the hand-scraped finish. Skilled artisans sculpt individual planks, producing an uneven surface reminiscent of historical craftsmanship. Matte Finish: Embracing subtlety, the matte finish minimizes light reflection, offering a contemporary and understated elegance. Wood Grades: Select Grade: Characterized by uniform appearance, select grade showcases minimal knots and variations, creating a clean and sophisticated visual. Natural Grade: Celebrating the organic charm of wood, the natural grade features moderate colour variations, knots, and mineral streaks for a balanced and inviting ambiance. Rustic Grade: Embracing nature's imperfections, rustic grade highlights knots, colour variations, and unique markings, resulting in a warm and authentic feel. Installation Precision: The installation process of luxury hardwood flooring is an art in itself, demanding precision and expertise: Subfloor Preparation: Ensuring a flawless foundation is vital. The subfloor must be level, dry, and properly acclimatized to prevent warping or gaps. Expert Craftsmanship: Luxury flooring demands expert installers with an eye for detail. Intricate patterns, such as herringbone or chevron, require meticulous alignment and accuracy. Acclimatization: Before installation, the hardwood must acclimate to the environment to minimize post-installation expansion or contraction. Custom Design: Luxury floors often involve complex layouts and intricate borders, necessitating impeccable measurement and execution. Seamless Finish: Achieving a seamless transition between planks and creating tight, invisible joints is a testament to the installer's skill. The Perfect Finish: The allure of luxury hardwood flooring lies in its flawless finish: Sanding and Buffing: Expert sanding smooths out imperfections, followed by buffing to ensure a silky texture. Staining and Colouring: Tailored staining brings out the desired colour depth, enhancing the wood's natural hues. Layered Finishes: Applying multiple coats of high-quality finishes seals the wood, offering protection against wear, scratches, and moisture. Hand Polishing: Hand-polishing accentuates the wood's lustre and texture, creating a surface that invites touch. In summary, luxury hardwood flooring is a fusion of masterful craftsmanship, artistic finishing, and precise installation. It transforms interiors, infusing them with a timeless elegance that sets them apart from standard wood flooring. Each finish, texture, and grade contributes to a symphony of beauty, and the attention to installation details ensures that every step taken on this flooring is a step into luxury.

  • Hard Wax Oiled Floors- The Old Ways Are Best.

    High-quality hard wax oil finishes are considered to be one of the best ways to finish a hardwood floor due to several reasons, and they have stood the test of time over other types of finishes. Here are some of the key reasons: Natural Look and Feel: Hard wax oil finishes penetrate deep into the wood, enhancing its natural beauty and character. Unlike some other finishes that create a plastic-like coating on top of the wood, hard wax oil allows the wood's grain and texture to remain visible and tactile, giving it a more authentic and organic look. Durability: Hard wax oil finishes create a durable protective layer on the surface of the wood, making it more resistant to scratches, scuffs, and stains. The wax component of the finish provides flexibility, which allows the wood to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity without cracking or peeling. Easy Maintenance and Repair: Hard wax oil finishes are relatively easy to maintain. Routine cleaning and occasional reapplication of the oil can keep the floor looking fresh and vibrant. In case of localized damage, such as scratches or dents, spot repairs are typically straightforward without requiring a complete refinish of the entire floor. Breathability: Unlike some polyurethane finishes that create a plastic-like barrier on top of the wood, hard wax oil finishes are breathable. This means that the wood can naturally exchange moisture with the surrounding environment, which is essential for the long-term health of hardwood floors. Breathability helps prevent issues like warping and cupping, especially in areas with fluctuating humidity levels. Renewable and Eco-Friendly: Hard wax oil finishes are typically made from natural plant-based oils and waxes. They are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safer for both the environment and indoor air quality. Additionally, when it's time for maintenance, applying more hard wax oil is usually sufficient, without the need for stripping away layers of old finish, which reduces waste. Age Gracefully: Hard wax oil finishes have a unique ability to age gracefully over time. As the wood floor gets used and develops a patina, the finish tends to blend with the natural wear and tear, creating a warm and inviting appearance that many homeowners find appealing. Ease of Application: Hard wax oil finishes are user-friendly, and even DIY enthusiasts can achieve good results with proper preparation and application. Unlike some complex finishes that require professional expertise, hard wax oil finishes can be applied by homeowners who follow the manufacturer's instructions. While other types of finishes like polyurethane and lacquer may also provide a durable finish, hard wax oil finishes offer a combination of practical benefits, aesthetic appeal, and environmental considerations, making them a preferred choice for many who value a natural and long-lasting finish for their hardwood floors.

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  • Herringbone & Brass Border Detail l Forte Flooring

    Greystones New Home Herringbone floor with brass border inlay with matching plank This home looks stunning with this beautiful brass border inlay. The border adds a touch of class to the floor and is unique to this home.

  • Expert Wood Floor Sanding | Parquet Flooring | Dust Free

    Floor Sanding & Restoration-Co. Meath Floor sanding can be a cost effective way of improving the look of your home. Durable and naturally finished floors, are a popular choice with our home renovation clients. We believe in quality workmanship and keep up to date with new products and innovation within the flooring industry, to give you the best service we can. Call Today For Your Enquiries Floor Sanding And Refinishing Cost Co.Meath Floor Sanding & Refinishing Meath, Floor Refinishing Services Meath, Meath Floor Sanding Company, Floor sanding Co. Meath, wood floor sanding Meath, Dust free sanding services Floor Sanding & Refinishing-Zero Dust & Fully Insured We carry out sanding and refinishing services in Dublin and throughout Ireland. We have 20 years of experience in hardwood floor sanding, floor repairs, gap filling, staining, varnishing and oiling. We take pride in our work and regard it as a bit of an art in itself, no project is ever the same. Forte Flooring strive to get your wooden flooring back to its original beautiful state, making it a centre piece once more and transforming your home. We use professional waxes, oils, stains and lacquers on all the floors we work on, to give you a lasting stunning appearance. Quality floor sanding requires quality floor sanders. Years of experience have taught us that to get the best result you have to use the best floor sanders. To give you the best finish and the cleanest job we prefer floor sanding machines manufactured by Hermann Frank and Lagler. We stay up to date with the ever changing machines and materials to continue improving on the latest techniques. ​ Three Generations Of Flooring Knowledge FLOOR SANDING PRICES SANDING+VARNISHING (3 coats)from €25 .00 per square meter EXTRA COAT OF LACQUER €3 per square meter STAINING €10.00 per square meter Waterborne OILING €7.50 per square meter (1 coat) COSMETIC GAP FILLING from €5.00 per square meter (filling small cracks, old cuts, and nail holes) FLOOR BOARD REPLACEMENT from €50.00 per linear meter STAIRS SANDING from €30.00 per step (depending on the condition of stairs) ​ Our Services Include: Floor Sanding Different Finishes Floor Stripping Floor Restoration Floor Renovation Wooden Floor Reoiling Domestic Floor Sanding Floor Polishing Floor Sanding Costs Ireland The Colour Possibitilies Reclaimed Solid Herringbone Installed, Sanded & Re-Finished Herringbone Floor Sanded & Oil Engineered Plank Sanded and Recoloured. Test Colours Vs The Finished Project- Ireland's Leading Floor Finishing Company How do I maintain an oiled wood floor? Cleaning and maintaining an oiled wood floor Regular cleaning of your oiled wood floor will keep it looking its best. Maintaining your floor in the correct way is essential, as the oil it has been treated with has specific needs compared to other finishes. One of the most important rules is to never use steam cleaners or scrubber dryers. ​ Follow these simple steps to keep your floor looking its best Dry cleaning You’ll need a vacuum, scissor mop, or soft bristled brush for this, and we recommend that you do this daily. This is important, as it removes any abrasive particles of grit or dirt which can scratch the floor when trafficked under footwear, furniture legs, or other items are moved across the floor. A useful tip is to clean with the grain of the floor to remove any trapped dust. Damp cleaning We recommend that you do this weekly at least. Use Osmo Wash and Care , just slightly dampening the mop. Then mop dry any excess moisture, as this will avoid penetration into joints of floor boards. Regular use will enhance your floor’s resistance to dirt and signs of wear. Refreshing the finish When there are noticeable signs of wear, we recommend that you try Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner , thinly applied with a pad or cloth. With light buffing, it cleans and refreshes all in one due to its natural oils and hard waxes. Intensive cleaning For a more intensive clean to remove interior and exterior dirt and stains, we recommend using Osmo Intensive Cleaner , which loosens dirt and then requires wiping away with clear water. This allows for a hardwax oil to be reapplied. How do I maintain a lacquered floor? Cleaning and maintaining a lacquered wood floor To keep your lacquered floor looking its best, regular cleaning and maintenance is highly advisable. Not only that, but using the correct products is a must. Lacquered floors have specific needs compared to other types of finish. One golden rule is to never use steam cleaners or scrubber dryers on a lacquered floor. Follow these simple steps to keep your floor at its best ​ Dry cleaning We suggest that you use a vacuum, scissor mop, or soft bristled broom daily, to ensure that abrasive particles of grit and dirt are removed. This will help avoid scratching the floor seal. One useful tip is to wipe along the grain of your floor, as this will most effectively remove any trapped dust. ​ Damp cleaning Try to do this weekly at the least. Using a floor cleaning product like Bona Parquet Cleaner and an applicator pad , or with an all in one spray mop this is quick and easy and keeps your floor looking brand new as well as protecting it against scratches and dullness. Be sure to wipe off any excess moisture after cleaning! ​ I ntensive cleaning and refreshing When there are noticeable signs of wear, you’ll need to occasionally use a more intensive product such as Bona Freshen Up. This is easy to do with an applicator pad or suitable mop and will revive a scratched and dull surface and provide continued protection against wear. Your floor will need approximately 2 hours to dry after this kind of treatment. ​ Topping up a gloss finish How often this needs to be done depends on the amount of traffic your floor gets. You’ll need a gloss polish such as Bona Parquet Polish Gloss and will have to dry clean your floor first, then more thoroughly with Bona Cleaner. Finally, you can apply the polish with a Bona Applicator Pad . We advise that you apply this to an initial test section of the floor. Then, leave the floor to dry for at least an hour. PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE FOR LACQUERED AND OILED FLOORS There are precautionary measures you can take to ensure a long life for your beautiful new wood floor: DOOR MATS- Keep a doormat both outside and inside entrance doors, this will remove dirt and gravel before it is walked in, which will greatly reduce the wear on your floor. Ensure you clean the mats regularly to keep them effective at removing dirt and grit. FURNITURE- Furniture legs should be fitted with felt pads to avoid unnecessary marks and scratches on the floor. Regularly check and clean the felt feet and replace when required. Use castor cups to protect the floor from castor damage. MOISTURE PROTECTION- Mop up any spills; never allow water or other liquids to lie on the floor. Please ensure that any water that is applied when cleaning becomes dry within one minute.

  • Louth Floor Fitting l Forte Flooring

    Floor Fitting Patterns Plank Staircase Herringbone Chevron Be Inspired By What We've Been Up To WHY CHOOSE FORTE FLOORING FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT? -Proven track record to be a market leader on standards set for flooring installation. Our jobs are always carried out to the highest standards. Guaranteed. -We have great suppliers offering high quality flooring at the best rates available. -Fully trained installation teams. -Experienced in all flooring projects from large scale commercial jobs to residential housing. -We are problem solvers and are refreshingly honest. If a job isn't going to be straight forward we'll see the issues long before we start and more importantly, know how to rectify them. -Your project is planned to a T ensuring it runs smoothly. -Proven track record for quality workmanship-100% customer satisfaction is always our aim. COST TO LAY WOODEN FLOORING “How much does it cost to lay wood floors you ask". The honest answer is that the cost to lay wooden flooring varies depending on the specifics of your home. Check out our prices below for a rough estimate. Here at Forte Flooring, we make you a commitment that when one of our specialists inspects your floor they will find out exactly what you want. They will then give you a full breakdown of the work and what is involved and how much it will cost before any work begins. To find out why we are one of the top rated flooring contractors in the East of Ireland give us a call today on 0879597283 or check out our google reviews. Cost To Lay Wood Flooring Types- Laminate Plank Flooring, using appropriate underlay €15 SQM Laminate Herringbone Flooring, €20 SQM Glued Down Eng. Plank, using appropriate flooring glue €20 SQM Floating Floor, using underlay €22.50 SQM Herringbone/Parquet Floors. Glued Down, €25 SQM Nailed Down, using secret nails €35 SQM Plywood Installation on concrete €5 SQM Moisture Barrier Installation (Trowel Spread) €15 SQM It pays to have your floor installed correctly and to a high standard. We offer a complete start to finish service on all types of engineered hardwood flooring. SHOP OUR COLLECTION More Herringbone Border Ideas BENEFITS OF WOODEN FLOORS Most people choose a wooden floor because of its aesthetic appeal – there are a broad range of wood types and colourings available to suit any taste. Another major benefit of wood is that it is an eco-friendly, natural and sustainable resource which is very hard wearing. In fact, if maintained well, a hard wood floor could last a lifetime. Unlike carpet and tiles, wooden floors are easy to maintain and clean. They do not hide any dust mites that can cause allergies or respiratory problems. The cost of wooden floor installation can vary significantly depending on a number of factors including the type of wood and finish, plank sizes and the sub-layer of your floor. At Right Way C&F our prices vary approx. from €15-€40 per square metre, again depending on how you want it laid and what type of floor you require install. ​ DIFFERENT TYPES OF WOOD FLOORING There are many types of wood but hardwoods like oak, walnut and maple are the most popular. Softwoods like pine can be used but are less durable. You might choose to use a soft wood however, to match your existing floors (typical in Victorian Homes) or if you are restoring original floors. You can pick from different plank lengths and widths as well as different finishes such as oil, wax, stain or varnish. The most important thing is to be sure of where you are putting the floor and what you want to achieve. While wooden floors are suitable for any home, high traffic areas like hallways need tough, dense boards and you should avoid using them in bathrooms as they can warp from damp. Installing engineered wood for wet rooms is more practical instead. WOOD FLOORING COST With many available options, it is important to understand what variables will impact the final cost of your project . Whether you opt for traditional hardwood materials or engineered hardwood flooring, you need to choose an option that makes sense for you and your home. For the most accurate quotation one of our fitters will visit your property to inspect the floor and give advice on the flooring options available to you. Remember you can have the best quality flooring available but if its badly installed its worthless. With over 20 years experience for some of our fitters we ensure the highest standard of finish possible. ​ Floor Installtion Costs The Craft of Floor Installation Exclusive Floor Fitting By Forte Flooring is an important aspect of home beautification. A well installed floor adds to the charm and elegance of your home. At Forte Flooring we assist you with quality wood floor design and installation services. Our company specializes in the service of timber flooring installation throughout Ireland. Whether an existing floor structure is in your house or not, we will recommend the best installation techniques based on the style of floor and subfloor to be covered. Call Today For Advice Hand Crafting Floors Since 97 Communication Our installers respect both your time and your home. We are polite, punctual, and respectful as we work to install your new floor conveniently and efficiently Training To ensure we are always delivering exceptional floors to our clients, we provide continual training and education courses to consistently fine-tune our skills . Experience We’ve worked on flooring installations for all types of commercial and residential projects. From wood and tiles, to laminates and more, we understand the ins and outs of installing your new floor. Care Our installation professionals work carefully in currently lived-in spaces to respect and protect your home ensuring nothing gets damaged or broken .

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