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Exclusive Hardwood Flooring

Let our premium range of timber and engineered wood flooring bring your interior space to life. We’re proud to combine superior products, quality design and an expert team of flooring specialists to give you incredible floors that will last for years. 

 All Our Engineered Wood Floors are available in various sizes across matching plank, herringbone and chevron designs.

Parquet Wood Flooring Ireland l Herringbone Pattern l Fórte Flooring
Parquet Wood Flooring l Chevron Pattern l Fórte Flooring
Staircase to match flooring l Custom Nosings l Fórte Flooring
Engineered Wood Flooring l Plank l Fórte Flooring





  1. Luxury engineered wood flooring

  2. High-end hardwood flooring

  3. Premium solid wood flooring

  4. Bespoke wooden flooring

  5. Luxury flooring solutions

  6. Custom fitted wood floors

  7. Exquisite engineered hardwood

  8. Handcrafted solid wood floors

  9. Artisanal wooden flooring

  10. Expert wood floor installation

  11. Designer hardwood floors

  12. Tailored luxury wood flooring

  13. Exclusive engineered wood options

  14. Hand-finished solid wood planks

  15. Personalized wooden floor designs

  16. Professional wood flooring installation

  17. Opulent hardwood flooring choices

  18. Customized luxury wood surfaces

  19. Masterful solid wood craftsmanship

  20. Precision-fit engineered wood solutions

Bespoke Hardwood Luxury, Handmade European Oak Wood Flooring, Fórte Flooring.

Explore Our Bespoke Handcrafted Engineered Wood Flooring

Our focus is simple, we are the market leaders in engineered timber flooring. We only sell the highest quality products and service our clients with industry expertise and professionalism.

As one of the  leading suppliers of engineered timber flooring in Ireland, we have completed many large scale projects throughout the country and abroad.

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