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Timber Cladding

Timber is often used to add warmth and texture to interiors, not only on floors but increasingly on walls and ceilings. Discover how wood panelling can add colour, warmth and style to your commercial or residential project. Explore our exclusive range of wood panelling to find the perfect solution for your project.

What is engineered wood flooring?

-Herringbone timber cladding
At Forte we offer a huge selection of wall and ceiling cladding products for supply and installation. Among wood veneer sheets, timber veneer is a very popular choice for interiors thanks to its versatility and beautiful finish. When used in furniture or interiors, veneer has all the beauty of natural timber with enhanced durability and strength. And, once glued to a substrate, timber veneer sheets are not as prone to warping or splitting like natural timber is. You can use timber veneer in a huge number of functional and design-driven ways to create a warm and pleasing ambience. We can custom finish our wood cladding products to compliment you existing timber products.

Interior and exterior timber panelling

Matching my wood flooing to my staircase.

Interior Acoustic Wall Panels

Interior Wall Cladding_Custom Made sheet material_Forte
Exterior wall cladding supllied and fitted
Interior acoustic panels supllied and fitted
Interior wall cladding example_Ireland_Forte


Exterior DEEP CHARRED CLADDING_Ireland_Supplied and Fitted


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