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Engineered Long Board Flooring

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

While a lot of attention has been focused on the beauty of wide plank floorboards, an equally important consideration that will impact the look of your interior is the length of the floorboard. Long floorboards are very attractive to the eye and help bring a more premium atmosphere to the interior.

One of the advantages of European made floorboards is that even the standard boards available are typically of generous length, compared to product sourced elsewhere.

Standard lengths available from Europe typically range from 2200mm to 2400mm. This compares very favourably to the average lengths seen in the Irish market of 1700mm to 2000mm – these shorter boards are typically sourced from China as ‘European engineered oak’ (European oak top layer glued to Chinese ply backing). It’s important to note that much of the Chinese made product comes in mixed lengths (or ‘nested’ boards), which means that typically 30% to 40% of the floorboards will be supplied in much shorter lengths, such as 600mm.

European suppliers may supply either fixed lengths, without any short boards, or they may also supply a percentage of mixed lengths, however the percentage of mixed lengths is typically lower than what you’ll see in Chinese sourced product.

It’s also possible to purchase even longer floorboards, for example boards up to 5 metres in length. These stunning extra-long boards bring a grand ambience to any interior.

To summarise, if you want your flooring to bring a more refined, high-end atmosphere to your interior, then you should specify our longer European-made floorboards for your next project.


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